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Communication, Collaboration And Virtual Care In One Place.

Patients, be it old or new can make sure that their doctor is available for their consultation and that being said the application will also include the perks of accessing and providing medical care at the tip of your hands. 

By using the app on your smart phone you can provide consultations at your convenience from anywhere and also earn extra income.

MediCall - What's in it for you?


Improve Patient Experience, one click at a time

Patient care and retention is our top priority. Our digital platform provides such opportunity to help patients avail MediCall aid with ease.

End to End Digital Patient Experience

MediCall offers the best of patient care experience from booking the appointment to post-consultation care with medical prescription for easy availability of drugs.

Integrated Payment System

With our integrated online payment system, transactions are made much easier and the reports are recorded on the app.

Receive Feedback

Provides an option to submit feedback right on the app. We look forward to having the best of our user satisfaction and we appreciate your feedback for improvements.


Stay In Touch, Always

Our mobile apps & easy interface lets you stay connected with us at all times.

Benefit Digitally, Everything In One place

Delivery of reports to patients, doctors and organisations instantly reduces TAT significantly.

Manage Multiple Patients With Ease From Anywhere

Where ever you are, MediCall will let you interact with all your patients with ease via MediCall user interface.

Complete Mobile Experience

Doctors and patients can use the application with ease starting from the registration to checkup to e-prescription. Thus, providing a complete user experience.


Automate To Scale

Get accelerated ROI with reduced prices by automating unessential processes.

Save Costs by improving efficiency

Automating workflows helps you run error-free operations at scale, deliver quality expertise along with saving costs.

Interface Medical Instruments

Reduce errors, improve TAT and scale to larger volumes with machine interfacing.

Stop Revenue Leakages

Have better control and audit each and every activity.

Be the hero of health care

MediCall mainly focuses on the transformation of traditional practices to modern and convenient methods which are fairly easy to access and use.

Flexible Schedule

Take a break whenever you want. Set and schedule appointments with patients at your convenience.

Work Anywhere

Interact with patients at the luxury of your home or at a vacay just by using your mobile and internet.

Earn Income

Get paid to provide medical teleconsultation to patients online, earning has never been this easy.

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For Doctors

Challenges in Traditional healthcare system
MediCall's solution

Not able to practice remotely and the need to be in the clinic now has an alternative option – MediCall.

Virally contaminated work station due to the present situation allows the doctor-patient interaction to take place at a smoother and safer level on MediCall.

Time wasted in traditional consultations leads to lower patient flow. This is one of the major problems that could be avoided on MediCall.

Clientele extremely restricted with regards to locality and/or word of mouth. The availability to treat patients is high on MediCall.